Environmental Engineers International Pty Ltd (EEI) has been serving Dardanup Butchering Company (DBC) https://tastedardanup.com.au/ in Picton, Western Australia as their long term partner for dealing with environmental management issues since 2002.


DBC is a third generation abattoir and small goods processing plant, established in 1950, in Picton, near Bunbury in Western Australia. In 2002, DBC was planning to increase the throughput, which would result in about 450 m3/d of wastewater, which required a new treatment plant. EEI was engaged by DBC on an ongoing basis to undertake the environmental management for the business. The partnership between EEI and DBC has enabled DBC to achieve its environmental goals consistently and secure a good relationship with the regulators and the neighbouring community, achieving the social license to operate.

Since 2002, EEI has undertaken the following major projects for DBC:

  1. A wastewater management plan
  2. Nutrient and irrigation management plan
  3. Environmental management plan
  4. Cleaner production and energy efficiency opportunity plan
  5. Design of a novel high rate anaerobic reactor
  6. Design of ANRUP system for nitrogen removal
  7. EPCM for the new wastewater treatment plant
  8. Implementation of real-time, online remote monitoring of treatment plant
  9. Improved phosphorus removal through both biological and chemical process
  10. Upgrade of nitrogen removal system using the Anammox technology
  11. Research collaboration with Meat & Livestock Australia for modular biogas covering system for the anaerobic reactor
  12. Innovative sludge management system
  13. Decommissioning of the redundant wastewater treatment ponds
  14. Ongoing support for DBC including for real-time environmental asset management, representation to the regulators.


The long term service agreement between DBC and EEI has provided sustainable high-quality benefits for the environmental management of DBC. High-level expertise of very experienced engineers has been made available to DBC by EEI. This has enabled DBC to focus on their core activities, whilst EEI has ensured that the treated water quality exceeds the regulatory requirement.

EEI’s long term involvement achieved zero requirements of chemicals for achieving over 90% removal of total nitrogen (from a high strength of ~ 420 mg/L of the influent) using the Anammox process – so far no meat processing plant has implemented this process in the world).