Published on: 25/09/2019

EEI CEO Recognised As Australia’s Most Innovative Engineer 2019

EEI CEO Recognised As Australia’s Most Innovative Engineer 2019

The SPORE Solution

For the fourth consecutive year, EEI is recognised for its innovative engineering solutions. Environmental Engineers International CEO Dr Raj Kurup was selected as one of the most innovative engineers in 2019 by Engineers Australia for the development of EEI’s SPORE sodium oxalate waste (SOW) removal process in alumina production.

The SPORE technology provides the most efficient and economical way of tackling the sodium oxalate waste problem, with an estimated additional net revenue of $4 million of by-product from a singular SOW lagoon with potential operational savings of $20 million a year.

The Australian economy thrives off a growing mining industry, in which alumina production through refining bauxite plays a major role. Australia is the largest producer of bauxite in the world, with 80.4 million tonnes produced in 2013/2014. EEI’s new technologies offer a more effective and economical waste management system for a key challenge in alumina refinery, sodium oxalate waste.

The process of refining bauxite to produce alumina will generate SOW, conventional methods of dealing with SOW involve storing it in lagoons with the excess undergoing thermal or aerobic treatments which have high operating costs. The SPORE solution (Smart Priming Oxalate Removal Enabler) offers anaerobic treatment of sodium oxalate waste lagoons in which it also produces valuable by-products such as methane and sodium bi-carbonate without on-going addition of pH neutralisation chemicals.

Once the SPORE process has been implemented on a storage lagoon it negates the need for building additional treatment facilities or infrastructure. This ensures a safer processing environment due to reduced risk of exposure to highly hazardous chemicals on site.

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