Wastewater Treatment System for DBC

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EEI was engaged by Dardanup Butchering Company (DBC) to design, and commission a new wastewater treatment system for their meat processing plant in Picton, Bunbury to replace their old treatment system. Based on analysis of baseline data, EEI decided to install its proprietary EEI Hybrid Anaerobic Reactor Technology (EEI-HART) and Advanced Nitrogen Removal Using Ponds (ANRUP) system for this project. Previous computer models and laboratory scale studies in the development stages on these processes have contributed significant knowledge of operational aspects. However, there was a significant lack of data on the constructability, operational constraints in a field situation. The HART system was to treat a daily wastewater flow of up to 0.5 MLD with a BOD of 9, 000 mg/L and total nitrogen of 300 to 400 mg/L. The HART system is 4,500ML HDPE lined steel tank and has the advantages of both UASB system and counter current mixing technology for rapid carbon removal and to avoid extra alkalinity addition

The system was constructed in nearly 40% of the cost of conventional pond system, and over the last 12 months of operation shows that this system has successfully treated wastewater to achieve a reduction of 99.9% of BOD, and about 90% reduction of TN. The HART system produces biogas with about 70% CH4 content but only <5% CO2 and non-detective levels of H2S. The system produces minimal sludge and the HAR system can contain the sludge from the treatment system for over 2 years before regular desludging commences. The system operation is monitored remotely.