2018 Publications


The objective of the project was to implement the EEIanammox process to replace the existing conventional nitrification –denitrification (CND) system at Dardanup Butchering Company (DBC) in Western Australia. The goal being to avoid the use of methanol and to reduce the power costs.

EEI installed an advanced monitoring and control system to ensure that the oxidation of ammonia was limited to nitrite and to achieve nitrogen removal through the anammox process. The WWTP was a pond based system and was operated in an SBR mode. No external anammox bacterial consortium was added to the WWTP, however, the operation ensured that the anammox process was gradually implemented as the main TN removal process.

The plant was in full operation during the implementation. The anammox bacteria were found to cope with the changes in the process. Unlike the European case studies, the WWTP has achieved over 95% TN reduction even during the winter months when the temperature has fallen below 15oC. We have observed that in warmer periods, the EEIanammox process required careful intervention to prevent excess nitrate formation.

During the full operation of the EEIanammox process, the WWTP achieved energy savings of over 20% and has not required the addition of an external carbon source.

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