Urban Water Management Plans

Urban Water Management Plans
  • EEI’s expertise in stormwater management, ground water risk assessment, soil chemistry and wastewater treatment enables us to prepare sound urban water management plans/strategies for your development.

  • EEI builds a model for every water management plan that is grounded in fundamental science and engineering principles. This gives the client and the regulators a clear picture of the water risks and opportunities specific to the site.

  • Our detailed scientific approach enables us to offer a broader range of options to the client to reduce water use and protect priority catchments. We work closely with the client to plan the measures that best fit with their vision of the development. 


  • EEI has delivered significant savings to our clients in these types of projects. We have a strong relationship with the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, and we are not afraid to fight for the best outcome for the client. Our scientific and engineering foundation is the key to this regulatory success. 

  • EEI was able to save RED approximately $1 Million AUD through effective stormwater management planning and risk assessment, we also found solutions for wastewater management at White Lakes Brewery, Pickering Brook Primary School and Kirkalocka Gold Mine that allowed them to continue to operate

  • For detailed case studies of these projects please visit http://enviroengineers.com.au/projects.php   

  • We welcome your enquiry for further information.